At Revive & Thrive we specialise in helping women restore their health and wellness, love the body they are in, and reclaim their confidence. We help clients to transform their wellness through powerful private coaching programs and our Embrace Life Beyond Cancer program.

At Revive & Thrive we provide the tools and the space for women to re-frame their experience of health trauma into something that will open new doors and take them places they have never imagined possible.

Don't let a chapter, become your whole story;  write your own rules and take charge of your healing journey!

Begin your journey now with your free Wheel of Life audit to:

  • gain a clear picture of where you are now.
  • identify focus areas to improve your health and wellness.
  • create a simple action plan.

Live your life on purpose...
Thriving not just Surviving!



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"Michelle has been my Wellness Coach for around 3 months. Initially, I thought “I’m not really sure I need wellness coaching…. I eat reasonably well, I exercise, I try and stay positive.”  However, I wanted to give it go because I knew, deep down, there were things I wanted to work on.  And I’m so glad I did!  I have had so many breakthroughs - revelations about why I do things or feel a certain way.  It’s also been extremely beneficial in a very practical way, providing me with real-life tools to help me run my life in a better more organised way (which was one of my wellness goals).  Michelle has such broad life experience, I found her ability to help in all areas of my life – even in my business.  She is non-threatening, non-judgemental and able to ask the right questions at the right time and the right way to help you find the right answers.  She is an absolute professional and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants more out of life or has a desire to be the best version of themselves." Helen Hodges


"I have been enjoying Wellness coaching with Michelle Hasani for two months. I have been transformed by my experience. Having been on cyclic diets and an intermittent exercise for too many years, I can now be confident in the solidity of my transformation. I am now back to having my own wellness at the centre of my life. Friends report that I look better than I have for 15 years.
I’ve found Michelle a unique and highly effective coach. What sets her apart is her flexible and responsive approach to me as a client. She was able to hold and work with my ambivalence in the beginning. A capacity that reaped great rewards.  It allowed my commitment to be congruent and effective. As a coach, she is firm but encouraging. Her insightfulness is exceptional. It allowed me to work with blocks and negative issues that came along with the journey. Her ability to hold complexity allowed me to find solutions. Her knowledge is backed up with abundant resources and the ability to support me to find my own resources. I am extremely grateful for the privilege of having Michelle as my coach. It has been a life-changing experience."
Yours sincerely, Ann Marie Morrissey 

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