Wellbeing Services

In-Person sessions

Our in-person sessions are available in metro Adelaide at your office, my local meeting space, or any mutually agreed location.

online sessions

Your location is not a barrier.  We can connect via video call on your desired platform or by phone.

We are the leading provider of Wellbeing, Mental Fitness and Leadership Solutions tranforming worplace stress into mental fitness, agility overall wellbeing.

Enhance Wellbeing

Enhance your ability to effectively manage stress, cultivate inner peace, and boost self-assurance by overcoming your imposter mindset and self-doubt.

Boost Performance

Unlock your ability to make confident decisions and cultivate innovative solutions by employing five evidence-based approaches that empower both you and those around you.

Strengthen Relationships

Discover effective methods to enhance your interactions with others, learn new techniques for fostering collaboration, solving problems, and handling conflicts with ease and flow.

Speciality Areas

Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing, Mental Fitness and Leadership Solutions. Using a wellbeing co-design approach I help boost performance and productivity, enhance wellbeing, increase curiosity and improve team culture, collaboration and connection by supporting the mental fitness and wellbeing of your team. Let's partner to build a healthy, safe and high-performing team. Wellbeing by design, evidence-based, workplace wellbeing solutions, that deliver results.


Wellbeing, Mental Fitness & Performance Coaching. I specialise in providing individualised wellbeing and performance coaching for a select group of mid-life professionals. Through our collaborative wellbeing co-design process, we identify your goals and eliminate obstacles, creating practical strategies to enhance your wellbeing, mental fitness, and performance. Our evidence-based coaching doesn't just enrich your life – it also fosters vibrant, productive workplaces.

Workshops & Events

Wellbeing, Mental Fitness and Leadership Solutions  Elevate your workplace with our engaging workshops.  Our innovative programs and customised services, champion success by fostering Calm, Confident and Conscious Leaders. Unleash the potential of your workplace by designing a culture where your people truly thrive.

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