Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness, Leadership and Lifestyle Solutions

Workplace Wellness, Leadership and Lifestyle Solutions

  • Do you work in an industry or organisation that is committed to serving others?
  • Do you struggle with the constant demands to adapt and change as a result of government policy, funding guidelines, pressure to meet expectations of staff, clients and their families, community expectations, along with your own internal drivers, beliefs and expectations?

“Good Health Is Good Business.” Dame Carol Black

The key question is are you investing in yourself and your employees to ensure that you, your team, and your organisation/ business can meet the ongoing demands of our ever-changing environments?

Why Workplace Wellness is important….

Research shows that a growing number of employers are putting employee wellness firmly on their corporate agenda. For many, wellness in the workplace has moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have”. (Workplace Wellness, Great Place to Work Australia.)
Successful workplace wellness programs connect, engage, and empower…

Wellness is not an add on, it is an essential pillar of your business success.  Healthy, safe, and high performing teams are key for your business to achieve their goals and objectives.
Your people are your greatest asset.

Why invest in the health and wellness of your people ….

The State of our Australian Health: The Australia’s Health in Brief 2018, AIHW states that…

On an average day in our health

On an average day in our health system

Half of us have a chronic condition

One in 2 (50%) Australians are estimated to have at least 1 of 8 selected common chronic conditions:

  • cancer,
  • cardiovascular disease,
  • mental health conditions,
  • arthritis, back pain and problems,
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
  • asthma and
  • diabetes.
Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) Australians are estimated to have two or more of these conditions. The three chronic conditions that contribute most to the disease burden in Australia are cancer, coronary heart disease and mental illnessFor more information: Chapter 3.3 ‘Chronic conditions’ in Australia’s health 2018, AIHW.

World Health Organisation (WHO) Healthy Workplaces: A global model for action identify five keys to a healthy workplace

  1. Leadership commitment
  2. Worker involvement
  3. Business ethics and legality
  4. Sustainability and integration
  5. Follow continuous improvement cycle

The cost of inaction is something we as Australian businesses cannot afford to ignore!

Workplace wellness is putting health and wellness on the agenda!

According to the Australian Institute of Management, “… pay is no longer the most important factor when attracting or retaining high performing staff”. In fact, “…job satisfaction, new and interesting challenges, feeling valued and appreciated and the provision of work/life balance…” ranked far higher!

Research has consistently shown that a solid workplace wellness program can drive employee engagement and have a positive impact on performance.

The benefits of a happy, motivated, and engaged workforce are vital for the long-term success and growth of your business.

Benefits to your organisation

Numerous meta-studies have reached the same conclusion that workplace health and wellness programs deliver overwhelmingly positive outcomes.

Improve the Health and Wellness of Your People

It is apparent, workplace wellness is important. There is little debate about the validity of this. The ever-increasing cost of inaction has a real impact on the Australian workforce and business profitability and growth.

Employers are expanding their workplace wellness initiatives but often are overwhelmed by how they can get the best long-term results and return on investment.

I can partner with you to create a custom designed, evidence-based workplace wellness solution, that produces results.

It is time to act…

Revive & Thrive Workplace Wellness Solutions …

Work with me your way….

Workplace Wellness Solutions

My programs are effective, innovative, and tailored specifically to your needs, environment, and budget.

Would you like to know how I can assist you to improve the health and wellbeing of your organisation and build a culture of wellness?

The greatest wealth is health.


“I was in a space in my professional and personal life where I needed more but didn’t know what more was. Having attended one of Michelle’s workshops through my NGO workplace, I approached her for some 1-1 coaching.
Coaching has not only helped my own wellness but allowed me to model new wellness strategies to my team. I have been able to create a space with Michelle’s help where my team are openly discuss their wellness and I am more confident and comfortable in my role.
I cannot recommend working with Michelle enough, to support you as an individual or team. It’s never too late to prioritise wellness.”
Megan Longbottom, Senior Clinician | Speech Pathologist, 2020